Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Non-Hockey Related Injuries

Being a hockey mom of twins, it's my worst nightmare to imagine one of my guys laid out on the ice as a result of a monster hit. It happened to one of my best friend's sons (he's 13) at a tournament in the spring and was terrifying to watch as he lay on the ice for at least 2 minutes without moving. Happy to say he's okay but he did suffer a concussion, which we all know are all too common in the game of hockey. By the way, I hope that the Cap's Brian Pothier is on the road to recovery from his concussion last season. We miss you!

We have been very lucky so far, knock on wood, that we've avoided any major hockey-related injuries with my guys playing both house and travel leagues. So imagine my reaction when I almost had to take one of the boys to the emergency room last night to get checked out for a concussion as a result of: the WWF!?! Seriously, one of my guys loooves that garbage (yes, I called it garbage) and they were goofing off trying out the latest WWF moves when one of them got his head pounded into the floor. I had to watch him the rest of the night to make sure there was no passing out or nausea. At least if you get a hockey-related injury, you're injured for a reason! I tell them all the time that the reason you don't see any blood in those bogus WWF matches is BECAUSE THEY'RE FAKE! And you can't beat the fabulous acting on the part of those guys (and gals, I think?) - such amazing talent. There's one "diva" as they're called in the WWF that went to my college - I pray I don't look at my sorority's alumni page and see her there!

So yet another reason we need the NHL season to start soon - it gives my guys some real competition to watch that actually requires skill and talent. How many days til training camp again?

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Juicebox Mom said...

OMG, my teenage daughter is the same way...she's played competitive soccer and lacrosse, yet all her broken bones have been from totally ridiculous things: pretending to be a horse in the house and fell down the stairs breaking her collar bone. Jumping over a broom in the back yard=broken collar bone #2, trying to do a back handspring gave her broken thumb (one week before soccer tryout (she was a goalie then). And last but not least, broken bone in foot from kicking bathroom door keeping brother out. NICE, HUH? Apparently soccer, lacrosse and hockey are a lot safer places to be than our homes :-)