Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Went to A WNBA Fight and A Game Broke Out...

As all of us hockey fans know, this is a very slooow time of year for hockey. For Caps fans, we're all awaiting results of Shaone Morrison's arbitration hearing tomorrow but other than that, it's slim pickings until September.

So I wanted to dish about the ladies' brawl that took place at a WNBA game this week between the Los Angeles Sparks and Detroit Shock. This video is spreading across the internet like wildfire; check it out:

Hockey fans see this kind of stuff all the time - what makes it such an interesting case study for a Dr. Phil episode is that these are female athletes. Though I certainly don't advocate fighting in women's basketball, I can understand how the gals' emotions can run just as high as mens' in the heat of competition (I am a hockey mom after all). However, I was very surprised at the level of involvement in this meelee by former Olympian and WBNA vet Lisa Leslie, who's always been one of my favorite female athletes. It will be interesting to see what kind of fines and/or suspensions get doled out in the aftermath of this free for all.

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