Friday, November 21, 2008

Caps Visit the Shark Tank

The Capitals have a game of monster proportions ahead as they take on the San Jose Sharks at the Shark Tank tomorrow night. And they might have to battle without leading scorer Alex Semin, who is still sitting due to injury. Rumor has it that the boys might (and that's still a big "might") see the return of Mike Green and Sergei Fedorov.

But the Sharks might see the return of their all-star net minder Evgeni Nabakov as well, which could give the already on top of the world (and the Western Conference) Sharks an even bigger boost. Plus they will be playing in their fancy new third jerseys, which will make their home crowd debut tomorrow night, adding even more excitement to this highly anticipated match up.

If HM can manage to stay up tomorrow night (have a 6:30 a.m. wake up on Saturday for the twins early game), I'm looking forward to seeing one of my personal favorite NHLers, one of the few who is not a Capital. That would be American-born NHL veteran Jeremy Roenick, who's been in the league forever and a day, still plays a tough game and is a very funny guy!

Other dorsal fins to watch out for tomorrow night would be Devon Setoguchi, Jonathan Cheechoo (not to be confused with the Pred's Jordin Tootoo), captain Patrick Marleau and veteran Joe Thornton.

So more to come tomorrow on the Caps' injury situation.

In the meantime, enjoy this funny clip of Caps players talking about room mates on the road. I especially love it when Donald Brashear drops the "f" word. No, not that one - the one that has to do with expulsion of bodily gasses. Donald would fit right in my guys on that one - very big vocabulary word for 12-year old hockey players (and 30-something year old enforcers)! Too funny, Brash!

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Anonymous said...

Capital Insider reports that Green (bruised shoulder) and Semin (upper back) are out, and Feds (sprained ankle) returns tonght. Johnson will start and face Boucher with Nabokov as back-up.

SnapShots: Roommates is hilarious. I wonder would Laich talks about in his sleep.