Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lots to be Thankful For!

Photo: Washington Capitals/NHL

Despite the daily barrage of bad news blasted at us daily, we as Americans still have lots to be thankful for. And the resurgence of Washington as a hockey town has given Caps fans even more to be thankful for! Here are just a few of the things Caps fans can be thankful for this years:

  • Majority owner Ted Leonsis who is probably more in tune to the fanbase than any owner in the League and who fully supports non-traditional methods such as new media to reach out to fans

  • Fantastic coaching from Adams Trophy winner and soon to be AHL Hall of Famer Bruce Boudreau and his staff

  • The League's MVP Alex Ovechkin who brings his unrivaled talent and unbridled enthusiasm for the game not only to the delight of Caps fans but for hockey fans all over the world

  • Team chemistry - you can easily see that all of these talented guys truly respect each other on and off the ice - chemistry is hard to create, just ask Barry Melrose!

  • Last but not least the fabulous fans whose spirit and love for this team is contagious!

For more reasons that Washington sports fans can be thankful this year, check out today's Kids Post. Yes, Hockey Mom reads the Kids Post!

So again, hope you all have a wonderful holiday and everyone goes around the table telling what they are thankful for - a Hockey Mom family tradition started my late mom (who I am positive would be the honorary senior member of the Caps' Red Rockers were she still with us!).

Hockey Mom will be rocking her red (in the form of pinot noir) along with the turkey and fixings and will raise a toast to the team and all of my fellow fans out there!

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