Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twin Telepathy and Caps Goin' Back to Cali....

You all know my fascination with the Sedin twins - check out this great post at Kukla's Korner that discusses everything from their "twin telepathic powers" to their almost identical scoring record! I keep trying to get my twins to watch footage of these two's amazing how the one just knows where the other one is on the ice (the Sedins). My twins play on the same line too and they could definitely learn some lessons watching these 2 twin wonders!

On to tonight's big contest at the Honda Center against the Anaheim Ducks. Unfortunately, this next string of games will be televised really late for this hockey mom, who has too many early mornings as it is! Caps fans, be sure to check out Dump and Chase and Capitals Insider for the very latest as both guys are on the road with the team; hopefully Mike or Tarik will get an interview with Snoop D-O-double-g who will undoubtedly be in the house to cheer on Chris Pronger and friends!

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Anonymous said...

Love the new heading!!! Thanks for keeping me up to date with the Caps. I miss all the local info. being down here in Thrasher territory. I still love my Caps!!!!!
Caps Fan in Georgia