Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Fodder from Semin's Crosby Comments

So now Pittsburgh Penguins' coach Michel Therrien adds his input into the fray regarding the Caps' Alexander Semin's not- so-complimentary comments about Pen's susperstar and young captain Sidney Crosby.

For the love of Pete sports fans, enough already. I'm guessing that some of what Semin said was taken out of context. And if he did mean what he said (basically, what's the big deal about Crosby?), then here's the beauty of democracy -he's entitled to his opinion! Here's a guy who doesn't talk to the media because his English is not as smooth as Ovechkin's and he finally opens up a little in an interview (which was translated from Russian for Puck Daddy). Either way, it will make the next bout with those ice birds a lot more interesting!

P.S. Puck Daddy: HM is loving the Pee Wee hockey highlights you've been featuring. Hopefully some of my twins' teams' hits will make your highlight reel soon!

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