Friday, November 14, 2008

"You Got Schooled!" Lessons in Hockey

Capital's Matt Bradley and Jeff Schultz and Assistant Coach Dean Evason kick off Caps Hockey School.

The popular phrase these days among the adolescent set is "you got schooled!" I remember a recent tournament my guys played where a rather husky kid with nacho cheese all over his mouth tried to ignite some pre-game fireworks by taunting our guys and saying "you're gonna get schooled."

Well yesterday, middle schoolers from H.B. Woodlawn Middle School in Arlington actually "got schooled" by Cap's players Matt Bradley and Jeff Schultz along with Assistant Coach Dean Evason as they kicked off the Caps Hockey School program. This is a fabulous program bringing the great game of hockey to kids and hopefully recruiting a future class of hockey fans at the grassroots level.

Bradley and Schultz participated in a question-and-answer session with the students and Evason led a skills demonstration with both players. The assembly ended with a brief scrimmage between students. The Capitals will donated a new set of NHL-branded street hockey equipment to the school.

Last season, the Washington Capitals successfully launched Caps Hockey School through a partnership with Arlington Public Schools (APS). Five APS middle schools received an interactive clinic hosted by the Capitals.

During the 2008-09 season, thousands of middle school students will graduate from Hockey School presented by Chevy Chase Bank. Students will benefit from question-and-answer sessions with Caps representatives, including Caps players and coaches, where they will share information about their hockey backgrounds and fun facts about hockey and the team. The Caps will teach skills through verbal instruction and demonstrations and allow students to sharpen their technique during the interactive clinics. At the end of each visit, students will receive hockey 101 booklets, squishy pucks and autographed player cards to signify that they graduated from Hockey School presented by Chevy Chase Bank. Keep spreading the puck love to those youngsters, Capitals!

On another topic, D.C. SportsBog gives us the inside scoop on Tom Poti's dueling black eyes. Hockey Mom was wondering what happened there - Poti has definitely had his share of black eyes this season. Poor guy's starting to look like that kid from The Little Rascals! Just keep scoring Tom....

And today is the big day where my twins' team will take the NHL ice at Verizon Center. HM hopes that one day they can take the ice for real like the Sedins, but hey, let's get real here. So today I will relish in the moment and take lots of pictures (much to their dismay)! My one twin (unlike Alex Ovechkin) refuses pictures unless his hair is all in place - which is impossible after taking off a schweaty helmet.

We'll be in the stands to cheer on the Caps as they take on the New Jersey Devils. Full details later!

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