Monday, November 3, 2008

The Other Alex Earns NHL Star

Hockey Mom proposes a big toast to the Capital's other Alex, Alexander Semin for being named the NHL's first star of the month in October!

We all know that Sasha has been on fire these past few weeks, (minus the nap he must have been taking during the Sabres game) but the press release from the team states the particulars. His 16 points in nine games included eight goals and a +7 rating as he recorded points in eight of nine games and goals in six of nine. He matched Dale Hunter (one goal, 15 assists in 1991-92) for the most points by a Capital in the first nine games of a season.

Alex Semin becomes the sixth Capital to be named the NHL’s Player of the Month or First Star of the Month since the awards were first presented in 1980-81. So a big HM high five to Sasha and hope he keeps the lighting the lamp tomorrow night in Ottawa!

Meanwhile, I'm watching the Sabres (ugh) take on the New Jersey Devils. Hockey Mom has a tendency to root for the underdog so I'm thrilled to see the Devil's backup goalie Kevin Weekes in the net in place of an injured Marty Brodeur. HM is a huge Kevin Weekes fan - poor chap never gets to play. He is doing a spectacular job for the Devils so far - too bad he's not on the market!

I also heard an interview on XM's NHL channel with Capitals' owner Ted Leonsis. I recently expressed my opinion on over-the-top fans who push the limits of bad behavior, including cursing and insulting opposing fans, throwing things at fans and players, and the most ignorant: setting off smoke bombs in a crowded arena. So I loved Ted's response when asked how the team tries to head off this kind of behavior. One of the suggestions he made was establishing a G-rated zone exclusively for families. I think that's a fabulous idea although they already do a great job of promoting a family-type atmosphere.

Unfortunately, you can't always regulate rude fans from visiting teams but you can try to control the amount of alcohol an individual consumes, which always exacerbates the bad behavior. But my favorite part of Ted's interview was when he said "Just because you purchase a ticket does not give you the right to act like a moron." True dat!

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