Thursday, May 7, 2009


Not much more can be said about last night's fiasco at the Igloo that hasn't already been said. Basically, AO and Varly seemed to be the only guys that showed up to play (besides Feds, of course, despite getting pitchforked in the ribs). I don't know if I would go about getting too cocky just yet though, Penguins and your flock-o-fans.

HM followed the game at a local restaurant while celebrating a friend's belated birthday. I was actually taking notes but put the pen down in the third period as I was tired of watching the boys skate around the ice fowl as if the guys in black were on a 20-minute power play. To make matters worse, relatives in the Burgh kept taunting me with text messages (as if - it's only one game and that does not a series make as we all know). One message about Alex the Great referred to him as a "cocky (insert expletive here)" - oh no sister, those are fighting words! So HM did not even grace that with a reply about Cindy being a whiner or the fact the refs swallowed their whistles last night.

No, I am going to wait until tomorrow night and hope and pray that last night's lunacy enrages the Caps to the point of no return and we see a repeat of Game 4 from the Rangers series.


Pii said...

Umm... Didn't we lose Game 4 to the Rangers?

HOCKEY MOM said...

@ Pii:

Der - HM was having a senior moment! I meant to say Game 5 (Won 4-0) but due to my superstitions I won't mention the word "shut #$t".