Saturday, May 2, 2009

Game Day Quote...

The quote of the day comes from one of the Washington Redskins' most colorful personalities, Fred Smoot:

Q: Fred, why do you go to Caps games?"

A: "Ovechkin, Ovechkin, Ovechkin. I wanna see him put that pretty boy Crosby against the glass!"

Right on Smoot - see ya at the Phone Booth!

In other playoff news, check out this nasty hit on Red Wing's Jiri Hudler from the Ducks' Mike Brown (who was ejected in the aftermath):

If Brash got a six game suspension, it will be interesting to see what Brown gets - that was brutal!

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Anonymous said...

he gets nothing he's not a cap bettmya-- hates the caps along with colon pow brash ur suspended for 6 go figure