Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Ruling on Kunitz's Antics

The NHL, in their typical non-sensical way of doling out discipline for major infractions, decided against taking any action against the Penguins' (and former Anaheim Ducks' thug) Chris Kunitz. And Caps' star Alex Ovechkin certainly has a right to be mad, as Kunitz visibly cross-checked Simeon Varlamov to his throat last night. What, do you have to draw blood to earn a suspension around here?

In the meantime, all the guys we love to hate (including Sean Avery, of course) are on SI's list of dirtiest players (as voted on by their fellow players around the NHL). Go figure...

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Karen said...

No, you don't have to draw blood. You could also break a bone. Like, an orbital bone.

Yeah, that was a BS call on the part of the NHL, but it seems par for the course with the on-ice officiating this year. The best the Capitals can do is be glad that Varlamov wasn't injured, and try not to get caught up in stupid retaliatory penalties.