Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Capitals' Statements on Steriod Accusations

HM just got this media release from the Caps' PR team regarding the steriod allegations:

May 27, 2009
NHL and Washington Capitals Statements


“The Washington Capitals have no knowledge of any aspect of this allegation. Capitals players were subjected to no-notice testing three times in each of the past two seasons pursuant to the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and there was no indication of any improper conduct or wrongdoing.

“Even though there are no specifics provided in the story and we have no reason, at this point, to believe the allegations are true, the National Hockey League takes all matters of this nature very seriously and will conduct a prompt investigation.”

-- Bill Daly, NHL deputy commissioner


“We have no reason to believe there is any merit to this story, but the National Hockey League and the Washington Capitals take all such allegations seriously. Capitals players have fully participated in the NHL’s random drug testing program, and at no point has a Capitals player tested positive. In addition our players have been tested at international events, such as World Championships and Olympics. We welcome and will fully cooperate with the NHL’s investigation.”

-- Dick Patrick, Washington Capitals president

In addition, Tarik El-Bashir has also had the chance to talk to Brooks Laich about this ruckus. The drug-dealing meathead that was arrested didn't specify names nor give any indication of when his supposed dealings took place (and apparently he's been dealing for at least ten years).

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Anonymous said...

It's odd that all the steroid accusations are only of Caps and Nats (Washington teams) with the dealer in Florida. (The story would be more credible if more names from around the league and in Florida were named.)