Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pens Sweep Way to Second Consecutive Cup Final

Yesterday, I mentioned that the Carolina Hurricanes were downgraded to a tropical depression after being routed by the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday. Last night, they just became a plain ole rain squall after the Pens swept their way to a second consecutive Stanley Cup Finals appearance as the Eastern Conference champions. Despite getting on the board first against his bro's team, Eric Staal and pals just couldn't get it done. Never to be known as a bitter pill, Hockey Mom extends her congrats to the Penguins (and I guess that would include their fans as well, with the exception of my bandwagon-jumping sister-in-law who probably can't name any one else on the team other than Fleury, Crosby and Malkin). And you call yourself a fan - ha!

So Game 5 of the Western finals, which has become a penalty-laden free for all for the frustrated young Blackhawks, goes down tonight. The Red Wings may again be without the services of Pavel Datsyuk and Nick Lidstrom due to injuries. This team is crazy deep in talent, so their absences didn't affect the team's ability to win in the last game. Is it just me (HM stifles huge yawn) - or is anyone else getting bored of the Wings/Pens potential match up?

On to some wild and wacky Caps rumblings:

  • Some drug-dealing doofus in Florida was busted and claims to have sold performance-enhancing drugs to the Washington Capitals and the Washington Nationals. I have my own thoughts on this one. First, in the time that I've been following hockey, steroids have not been associated with the NHL, for one because the players need to be fast not bulked up. Secondly, dude - if the any of the Nats are using roids, then why are they so terrible? Of course, we'll keep you posted on the latest but for now I'm throwing down the "bs" flag on any Caps association.

  • TSN is reporting that another Capital may be headed home. Russian big rig Viktor Kozlov has reportedly signed a 2-year contract with a KHL team, but this has not yet been confirmed. Again, stay tuned...

Who said the off-season was dull? My big dilemma now is who in the sam-harry-hell to root for in the Cup Finals should (or make that "when") Detroit clinch a spot?


Anonymous said...

It's time to say "До свидания" to Viktor and Fedorov as they head back to Russia. (Do svidania) Sorry to see them so but they are too expensive to keep in this salary cap era.

Anonymous said...

It's off that all the steroid accusations are only of Caps and Nats (Washington teams) with the dealer in Florida.

Anonymous said...

I will be rooting for the Wings since I really hate the Penguins. Hope the Wings' injured are back to take care of the Pens. (Yes, I'll admit it's boring to see the same two teams in the SC again.) I sure hope someone else wins the EC finals next year.