Monday, May 11, 2009

Do It - Just Do It....

The Washington Capitals are back in a familiar place - with their backs against the wall in a must-win or go-home game tonight. The Boston Bruins were in the same spot yesterday, and pulled off a 4-0 shutout against a scrappy Canes club. Did you all see that sucker punch on Aaron Ward from the Hurricane's Scott Walker? Apparently it broke Wards' orbital bone. There are going to be some tempers flaring for sure tomorrow when these two meet again!

Speaking of tempers, it is time to unleash the fury tonight boys and fight like you've never fought before. And let's hope that someone wakes up Sleeping Beauty Semin and we see at least one of the magnificent highlight reel goals from Sasha that we've been spoiled with all season.

I also hope that Gabby resurrects that Bradley-Steckel-Laich line, as they've been fabulous in this series. The other looming question is whether or not he'll dress big Donald, who's time out is over as of today. Maybe that would be a deterrent to Cindy trying to annihilate Simeon Varlamov by taking another run at him tonight. The Caps had a tremendous effort on Friday and held Cindy scoreless - they just have do it again, plus a few more goals in net and the season goes on.

As far as history goes, Washington is 6-1 in the last two seasons when facing a win-or-go-home game (including the final game of the 2007-08 regular season). This is the third series in a row in which the Caps have faced elimination before the seventh game; the Capitals have forced a Game 7 in the previous two series, winning last round against the Rangers.

So Hockey Mom is wearing the same outfit I wore in the press box after the Caps' lovely Game 1 win, complete with lucky red necklace and earring ensemble. Plus, we have our other good luck charm, my boys' not-so-lucky grandpa, in attendance at the Igloo cheering for the Pens. Boys, you just bring it like you can and we are once again golden.

We'll be cheering and watching from the "inside tailgate" one of the great hockey dads organized at the rink. UNLEASH THE FURY!!!!

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