Thursday, May 1, 2008

Congrats Gabby!

So I am lifting my glass to the very well-deserved nod to Caps coach Bruce Boudreau for NHL Coach of the Year! For a guy who truly loves the game and has worked the minors for so long, nevermind the the amazing job he did with the team's rise to the playoffs this year, he really deserves to walk home with the Adams award. Congrats Bruce and welcome home! I listen to Phil Esposito on the way home every night (love Phil!) and as he would say - FABULOUS! Everything with Phil is either "fabulous" or "crap" - no mincing words with that guy!

So I have to rant a bit about the Montreal/Philadelphia game last night. Not to mention any names here, but some of the fans in attendance should have been ashamed of themselves. Hey, I'm all about passion for your team and know all about having to be restrained from banging on the glass sometimes, but sometimes fans just lose the fact that this is indeed a game. With people's husbands, sons and dads laying their bodies out on the line every night. Case in point came in the third period when Steve Begin threw his body in front of Daniel Briere's wicked shot. The guy went down and was CRAWLING trying to get himself off the ice and he was being booed by the fans. Sorry people, that's totally bogus. Goes back to the whole Avery thing, you can dislike the team and individual players but to applaud anyone going down like that lacks decorum and basically, human decency. So I'll get off the hockey mom soapbox and that's all I'm going to say about that.

So how about the Sharks showing some life and coming back last night? You go Patrick Marleau - sweet short-handed goal to keep your team in the hunt! Keep up the great play!

So as more of my female friends and new lady fans read my blog, I've been asked lots of questions. No Deb, it's not a "stromboli", it's a "zamboni"! One of the questions I was asked was "why doesn't Alex Ovechkin put in his missing tooth"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think he bought a replacement and lost it playing basketball. Seems kind of silly to get a new one now that he's playing for Team Russia. Moms, if any of you have an "in" with the tooth fairy, tell her to stop by Ovie's after his season's over :P

So that's it for now - need to go check in to see how the Pens/Rangers game is going down. Ladies and fellow hockey moms, send me your hockey questions, opinions and rants and we'll "Tawk Hockey"...

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