Friday, May 9, 2008

Red Wings Take Flight in Game 1!

The Detroit Red Wings dominated last night's game over the Star's in a 4-1 victory. Their power play was on fire, Kronwall delivered several highlight-reel open ice hits and the Wings goalie Chris Osgood was outstanding against the Star's power play! Although I never saw the octopus? Did anyone else see one? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? No matter, it was a great game and will be interesting to see if the Stars make any adjustments for Game 2.

One gripe however, which again goes back to the inconsistencies in post-season officiating this year. The goal by Red Wings' Tomas Holmstrom should have been called a no-goal due to goalie interference. Wings, I love ya but you know the dude was inside the blue paint! Barry Melrose, the great mullet-sporting hockey guru of ESPN fame is in agreement as well.

Here I want to give a shout out to Cap's d-man Mike Green for his goal for Team Canada in what was a tight victory against Norway (2-1) at the IIHF World Championships. The guy's a tremendous talent and team player who also happens to have great hair too! Elliot in the Morning on DC radio station DC-101 coined the phrase "Rock the Hawk" in honor of Mike Green's unique do during the Cap's playoff run and held a contest for the most creative mohawks. Hats off to Elliot for brilliant marketing and it was too hilarious seeing all the winners in the Rock the Hawk section at the games. There were even a few females sporting mohawks in there! Sorry Elliot, this hockey mom's too vain to "rock the hawk" but it was definitely working for some of those gals! For all the non-DC locals, Elliot is from Canada and is a huuuuge hockey fan who does more than his share of spreading the puck love. He does tons of promotions for local hockey in addition to cheering on the Caps - cheers
Elliot and keep spreading hockey fever!

More later on the Penguins-Flyers series and will attempt to answer another new fan question! Go Pens!

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