Friday, May 16, 2008

Pens Fans: Put the Brooms Back in Closet

Unfortunately for Pens fans, the Penguins did not sweep the series last night and the Flyers came out with a vengeance (the Flyers own mission statement) to win Game 4 with a 4-2 victory and force a Game 5 in Pittsburgh on Sunday. The good news for Flyers fans is that Sunday will most likely see the return of Kimmo Timmonen or Braydon Coburn back on the Flyer's bench. Note the picture courtesy of some creative Flyer's fans - Sid just can't catch a break. I would have liked to see the refs let Crosby and Mike Richards rumble a bit longer last night. It would be interesting to see Crosby totally lose it and go bonkers on someone; I personally have yet to see it. Note to the witty sign creators: brunettes normally don't wear blue eye shadow - you should have gone with a shade of plum to make it look more realistic.

The Flyers managed to shut down Evgeni Malkin in Game 5 and scored three goals to the Pens zero in the first period alone! There was a lot of extracurricular activity going on, resulting in some stupid penalties for the Penguins. I'm sure the distaste these two teams have for each other will spill over into Game 5 back at the Igloo in the Burgh.

Distaste is probably a mild word to say the least describing the rivalry between these two teams. But a good hockey mom never says "hate" - not in front of the kids anyhow. Speaking of Pittsburgh, how many of you have ever had the famous Primanti's sandwich? What a brilliant idea - fries, cole slaw, about 2 pounds of meat and cheese and even a fried egg... you get all your food groups on one sandwich! Note to self - don't eat one of those and try to play hockey. For that matter, don't even try to get up off the couch after a real Primanti's "sammich," much less skate...that could potentially create a big mess for the zamboni driver - yuck!

The Cap's own Alexander Ovechkin got a game misconduct penalty and one game suspension for checking Switzerland's Valentin Wirz to the head during an IIHF World Championship game the other day. Check this out and tell me of you think this Swiss guy deserves the "Best Supporting Actor" nomination for his dramatic acting talent.

First of all, AO barely touches him and secondly, he needs to relearn the first major rule that Pee Wees hear when they start playing contact hockey: For the love of Pete, KEEP YOUR HEAD UP MAN!

I'll be looking forward to tomorrow's game between Detroit and Dallas along with Sunday's Pens/Flyers Game 5. Til then.....

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Bill said...

The sandwiches are from Primanti Brothers and they are excellent, especially with a pitcher of beer as long as it is not Iron City! ;-)