Thursday, May 22, 2008

Til Saturday....

So I am counting the days until Saturday for several reasons: Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, one of my twins made a Pee Wee A-level team and will be playing a tournament this weekend, it's a long holiday weekend and I get to toast the Flyer's playoff run with my first "official" Philly cheesesteak! I'll have to give the reviews on the latter upon my return from the tournament but I've been practicing how to order. Thanks to thorough instructions from a Flyers fan friend of mine, I hope to correctly order a "provolone wit" and not get thrown to the curb, or worse, the back of the line!

In the meantime, I wanted to ponder the merchandise on the market for the female hockey fan. For my fellow Caps fans, the store just came out with this really cute jersey bag that you can use for the pool or quick jaunts to the store. I must have one myself! I do have one small complaint about options for the lady fans - though there were vast improvements made in the apparel category this year. Not all of us dedicated female fans want to display our team allegiance in an over-sized jersey that resembles a mu mu, nor do we want to wear the logo in pink just because we're ladies! I personally would like to see more jerseys or casual apparel made especially for the female figure (of all sizes).

As for Caps merchandise, here is my own personal wish list:

1. Cute Caps jammies - you know, sleep shirts, nighties and most importantly, comfy pants. If you can't go to the game, nothing would beat curling up in front of the t.v. action in your cute Caps comfy pants!

2. Caps party ware - Fun martini and wine glasses, napkins, serving dishes... all the fixin's for a Playoff Watching Party!

3. Jewelry - I'd love to have the Caps new logo in a sterling silver charm for my charm bracelet. And of course a pair of matching earrings!

4. Caps hockey blanket - Because we hockey moms spend so much time in the freezer, I mean the rink. Could do double duty as a tablecloth at your Caps Playoff Party!

So just a few suggestions from a hockey mom and avid shopper. I think the female fan is one of more overlooked demographic categories because not only do they spend on themselves, they will buy for their kids and for gift-giving!

So cheers to my fellow hockey moms and fans. On a serious note, please remember our heroes in the military who have given their lives and those who continue to protect our freedom this Memorial Day......


Feds Fan said...

Thanks for the shopping tips Hockey Mom! I just bought an Ovechkin t-shirt but also want one for #91...

Anonymous said...

I NEED the comfy pants! I would love glasses etc. too! If anyone out there knows where I can get a "Weagle" window sticker I would love to know. Good Luck this weekend one of two!

My lid is off to those who have and do protect and serve. Amen

Hockey Kim