Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sorry Stars - My Bad!

You know the saying "mom's always right?" - well forget about that regarding last night's game between Stars and Red Wings. Stars roared back with a goal by Mike Modano to win it and force a Game 5. Marty Turco, the Star's goalie, was brilliant with 34 saves!

There was all kinds of talk this morning about the call that went against the Red Wings when they called no goal as the ref thought the player's "butt" was in the blue paint. I agree with the guys on XM's Hockey This Morning when Shaun says they need to implement a challenge or replay system like they have in the NFL. Especially when you're talking about a goal for that could be a potential game-breaker! But as a hockey mom, we have to acknowledge that the refs are human too (jeez, that's hard for me to admit)...let's just try to keep the calls consistent.

Regardless, cheers to the Stars for their comeback - they left it all out on the ice and it was the type of exciting, spill your beverage, bite off your French manicure game I referenced yesterday! Game 5 on Saturday back in the Motor City.

Pepe, I mean Sidney Crosby and friends have a chance to pick up the broom and sweep the Flyers to go on to the finals tonight. No predictions on this one after last night though. Pens fans, you know I'm just kidding about Sid the Kid but after all, I am a die-hard Capitals fan so you have to expect at least a little ribbing. I think Sidney's namesake baby penguin at the zoo could probably grow a nicer "stache". He needs to just shave it off and let the older dudes carry on the tradition. He's too cute (yes, I said it) to pull off the grunge look!

Looking forward to tonight's game...til then!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome blog, Yea I thought Detroit would finish off dem stars but they put up a fight! The filthadelphia flyers are done tonight. Keep up the great blog.
A bicycle riding CAPS fan from NE Florida