Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Keep Both Hands on The Cup!

This is a pretty funny video of one of the Spokane Chiefs dropping the Memorial Cup (the Canadian Hockey League's championship trophy) right after winning it:

Whoever ends up winning Lord Stanley's Cup better make sure they keep both hands on it as that bugger weighs more than 35 pounds! I hope that the Penguins keep their eyes on that Cup tonight and come out with more energy, physical play and fight for goals than we've seen in the past 2 contests. They are definitely a better team than they've shown so far and a loss tonight would obviously be extremely hard to recover from....c'mon guys!

Speaking of shiny hardware, the Cap's Alex Ovechkin is in the Steel City today to pick up some new bling including the Art Ross Trophy for most points and Rocket Richard trophy for most goals this season. You go Ovie!!! I rented the movie Rocket Richard about the legendary Montreal Canadien Maurice Richard - the Rocket Richard trophy's namesake. It was subtitled as it was filmed in French but was a pretty good flick. Some interesting cameos of current NHLers including Sean Avery (as what else, the bully!). I never did catch a glimpse of Vincent LeCavelier, who also made a guest appearance. It was an interesting historic look at both the game and Maurice Richard as a player. Man, did that guy get banged around back in the days before helmets....

More good news for the Caps! Our feisty scrapper Matt Bradley just resigned a 3-year contract with the team for $3 million. Matt should go out and buy some new bling of his own to celebrate. I love that guy - he reminds me of the kid from the Little Rascals always sporting a shiner!

So I'm hoping to see the Penguins score a lot of goals and make some big hits tonight. It would be interesting if they ended up using backup goalie Ty Conklin, who is largely responsible for getting them to the Finals. He was on fire for the Pens when he stepped in after Marc-Andre Fleury was injured!

Face-off at 8 p.m. tonight at Mellon Arena. My lucky brother-in-law will be in attendance! Til then....


pdobbins said...

I love this hockey mom site!!!!! It is awesome!!!!

nancy (aka CitizenBanker) said...

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