Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eastern Division Semi-Finals

So before I get to the Eastern division semi-finals, I have to brag a bit. One of my twin boys had a hat-trick today! Too bad I forgot to bring my Kentucky Derby hat from yesterday to the rink! Ladies, maybe we should start bringing our Easter hats to the games - that would add some novelty on the ice. Although you'd have a bunch of screaming women trying to get on the ice screaming "I paid $200 dollars for that hat - get that damn Zamboni away from it and give it back!"

So cheers to the Pittsburgh Penguins! Marion Hossa made the game-winning goal - not the prettiest one I've seen, but he sealed the deal! So it will be the PA Battle of the Turnpike. I've said it before, I know it's totally un-PC for a Caps fan to root for the Penguins. However, I did live in Pittsburgh for 2 years and still have family there. SO, they will be my Eastern Conference playoff team. Just an observation, the young guns for the Pens (Malkin, Staal) are going to HAVE to check the emotions and avoid stupid penalties. Because the Flyers will goad them into taking stupid penalties and they have been pretty successful on the PP. This series is going to be great to watch! It will be interesting to see how the Flyers handle playing against Marc-Andre Fleury. Cary Price (Montreal) is a great goalie but is still so young and I think that worked against him in the Habs/Flyers series. You can never lose your confidence and it was very obvious when he was pulled for 2 games, that's exactly what happened.

So I am hoping the Sharks can hang in there tonight. The 2 Joes (Pavelski and Thornton)have been phenomenal when they needed to win and tonight they are going to be in another pressure-cooker situation. Let's go Sharks!

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