Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Belated Hockey Mom's Day!

I have been SO lame about blogging and feel really bad that I neglected to wish all of you fellow hockey moms and female fans Happy Mother's Day on your special day!

So a belated cheers to all of you moms out there who join me daily in driving to and from the rink, banging on the glass, buying Powerade by the case and breaking up the fights that spill over from the rink to home! Speaking of which, one of my guys gave me a hat trick for Mother's Day - very cool! For you newbies, a hat trick is when one player scores 3 goals in one game and fans in the bleachers throw their hats on the ice in recognition of this difficult feat. The bummer is I never wear a hat so had nothing to throw. Thought about throwing my purse but that would mean that everything would have spilled out on the ice resulting in a delay of game, coins on the ice, lost lipstick and credit cards and it just would've gotten ugly...

It was a typical day for me when the other twin started yelling at the one that scored the hat-trick about being a "puck hog" and it could be heard all the way in the stands. A "congratulations" might have been in order but hey, they're twins so what do I expect? Anyway, no other place I'd rather spend Mother's Day than at the rink...and I am NOT being facetious!

This was a very fun post about hockey moms that I wanted to share.

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