Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sid Scores!

It's only the end of the first period but had to express my excitement about the Pens finally breaking their scoring drought versus the Wings. As my buddy Napoleon Dynamite would say: Sid the Kid (AKA Sidney Crosby) had a flippin' suweeet goal to give the Pens the lead. We still have a lot of hockey to play so I have to get back in front of the tube.

P.S. - I got an e-mail from Nancy in Vancouver (hope you guys have a better year next season). They have a facebook-type site for youth hockey players, families and fans in B.C. and they are running a contest to win some cool schwag. Be sure to check it out! Love the Canucks and those Sedin twins. When my twins are playing, I always combine their last name with the Sedins that sounds something like Silv(een). Whenever I yell about the Silveens, the other parents in the stands usually look at me like my pass from the crazy farm has expired. Guess they aren't familiar with my boys Henrik and Daniel Sedin. You guys rock!

Best of luck in your contest to my friends in Vancouver. I'd love to read your books!

Meanwhile have to get back for the second period - til tommorrow!

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Hammer said...

Hey hockeymom, and thanks for the comment on my blog! I am glad you enjoyed the cool video of the Russians in the dressing room. Ovechkin is just plain priceless!

About the Cup Finals....Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I still would've said the same thing BEFORE the Pens won last night, and that would be "IT AINT OVER"

Now if the Wings had also won last night I might be singing a different tune... I am not like the hockey talking heads that write everyone off after one or two games, I always think it isn't over until the fat lady sings.

Pittsburgh needs to keep HITTING and then just plain HIT MORE and then they can win this thing!