Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Does the NHL Really "Get" Female Fans?

Seriously now, would you wear this to a Cap's game? You might if you want to be mistaken for a "lady of the evening" - as my grandma used to say. There was a great post on Puck Daddy's blog yesterday, where NHL gal fans and bloggers ranted about Alyssa Milano's "Touch" line of NHL licensed clothing. Now Alyssa Milano is and always has been drop-dead gorgeous and I'm glad that she's an avid fan.

But hey NHL Consumer Marketing gurus - real female fans don't wear this stuff (unless they're puck bunnies but that's another blog post and a very small demographic representation of female hockey fandom.) As one my fellow respected female Capitals bloggers quoted: "Alyssa Milano must have done her R&D for this line in a brothel." Hockey Mom got a good giggle out of that one - right on sister!

HM is happy to see more retail offerings by the NHL for the increasing number of lady fans. But I'd like to know - do you guys ever go out and actually talk to this audience? As I've said before once us gals are hooked, we'll get out the credit cards for that great (and flattering) Washington Capitals t-shirt. And then buy one for our BFF, our grandma, mom and cousin - just because we can!

I hope to see some more appropriate options for ladies debut this season. And thank our lucky stars, the season's almost here!


Anonymous said...

Amen sister!!! A.M is lovely (well except for the icky Redwings stuff) but I would like to remind folks that it is cold in the arena! You know all that ice ;) Also, some of use don't have the figure we used to (or in my case never had)and would prefer to show our team spirit in a more dignified way (covered up)

Anonymous said...
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