Monday, August 11, 2008

You Go USA!

So in the waning days of summer without hockey, HM along with the rest of the country, is trying to religiously follow the 2008 Olympics. I have to give a huge Hockey Mom fist bump to the men's relay swim team in capturing the gold last night (by a finger-length, mind you) over the smack-talking French. It's always so much fun (especially in hockey) to hear a team trash-talk the other team and then get slapped in the face by their opponent with a last-minute victory. Hey, Huet, what happened to the French relay team? They sure talked a big game but kudos to the Americans for that incredible comeback!

Back to hockey for a minute, HM was happy to hear that the Buffalo Sabres re-signed Finnish d-man Teppo Numminen to a new one-year contract. For the hockey newbies, the 40-year old Numminen missed a large part of last season due to open-heart surgery. He had to undergo valve surgery to correct a congenital heart defect and was suspended without pay by the team (which HM thought was bogus but apparently had something to do with the NHL's CBA - "Collective Bargaining Agreement"). So I am thrilled to see him back on the ice and wish him a great season!

And does anyone know when Mats Sundin is going to stop stringing the hockey world along and make a flipping decision about if and where he's going to play next season? Dude, seriously time to make a move - the season's less than 2 months away (yippeeee!)....

Hey Caps fans, don't forget about the Open House this Wednesday - D-man Matt Bradley and Cap's Captain Chris Clark will be in the house! I saw a video snippet on Caps TV recently where they followed Matt back to his home in Ontario and introduced his Hockey Grandma - what a cute lady; HM would love to watch a game with her! And I hope to see our Chris Clark back on the ice soon....

Til next time...Go Team USA!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go hockey mom! I/'ve never watched so much of the olympics as I did last evening while in the Emergency Room! Go Team USA!