Thursday, August 28, 2008

Interesting Article on Russian Players in NHL

Hockey Mom found this interesting article on Russian players in the NHL. As Caps fans know, three Caps (Ovechkin, Fedorov and Semin) led the Russian team to gold in this year's IIHF World Championships in addition to leading the Capitals to the playoffs last season. HM would be interested in getting their opinion on Predator's broadcaster Terry Crisp's comment where he states "I don't think the skins of Russian players are as thick as the other guys." Hockey Mom is going to throw the flag down on that little diddy!

Just because the Nashville Predators are in a tizzy because their star player
Alexander Radulov tried to go over to Russia's KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) for the crazy mad money they are throwing around, doesn't mean you can label all Russian-born players. They continue to come here for a chance to play in the world's best hockey showcase - the National Hockey League. I for one can't wait to see the newest Russian addition to the Washington Capitals when he makes the move up from Hershey - young goalie phenom, Simeon Varlamov.

Let's ask Gabby - I bet Bruce Boudreau would agree that Alex Ovechkin is probably one of the most coachable players in the game today! And he is obviously happy to be here along with his fellow countrymen Semin and Fedorov. Well maybe not so much for Semin, but hey I think Washington is growing on him...

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