Friday, August 8, 2008

Wanted: A Professional Scheduler

HELP! Hockey Mom in search of professional scheduler (or at least someone who can organize the multi-colored sticky notes that need to be pasted daily to my forehead by jersey, rink and team). No kidding, we just started getting the (pre-season, mind you) off-ice and on-ice workout schedules, tournament calendars and other team events and it has been determined that HM will be spending even more of her waking moments at the rink. Luckily, I have some help with the carpools but my new laptop is gonna come in handy with the free Wi-Fi the rink provides (you rink-owners think of everything: in-house pizza place with red vino in paper cups, pro shop for last-minute jock replacements and several t.v.s for my Caps viewing pleasure)!

Speaking of my beloved Caps, they are hosting an open house next week, where you can buy partial season tickets. HM really wants to do the 11-game package this year, but seeing as I'm lacking half of the boys' game schedule and no personal scheduler, I might just have to go on a "when the boys don't have a game or practice" per-game schedule. I definitely want to catch the Caps play the Vancouver Canucks - would be one of my 11 for sure. Even though the Canucks have been struggling the past few seasons, you know I have to get my fix of the Sedin twins - it's a twin thing.

Oh, I heard the understatement of the year the other day when I was listening to "the NHLer HM loves-to-hate-the-most" interview of Sean Avery. Avery actually admitted that "he steps over the line on occasion" - ya think? I do however, have to give the man an HM fist bump for his most recent lady conquest; rumor has it that he's dating fashionista Kelly Klein. I love to hear those cougar stories - you go girls!

So that's it for now - back to trying to sort my house league/travel league/Caps/dating/work/miscellaneous schedules out for now. I think I need a drink....

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Dan, Jr. said...

I can't help with the scheduler search, but the Cap's game ticket plan doesn't have to be that big a deal. Split the cost with another fan or fans, maybe some of your girlfriend bloggers. There will be games everybody wants to go to, but others have similar schedule problems, and that will help sort things out itself over the course of the season. The more you include, the easier. Any difference in games attended could be made up at the end of the season.