Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ugh, The Stench...The Horrific Odors That Come from Hockey Bags

Like most hockey moms, I am all too familiar with the horribly rank odors that seep from within the depths of my twins' hockey bags and permeate the trunk of my car. Hockey equipment has its own distinctive odor that can only be described like some sort of putrid combination of rotten eggs, B.O., dirty cat litter, old refried beans and vinegar. Well maybe not that bad, but it certainly isn't pleasant!

One key to avoiding the "stank" is making sure the equipment (especially some of the pads that can't be machine-washed) gets aired out after each use. The problem with that in our house is that inevitably, someone forgets to put a vital piece of equipment (like their jock) back in the bag, resulting in a mad scramble at the rink.

Socks and jerseys can be washed and I've found that putting fabric softener sheets in the bags helps a little. Hockey Mom has to give a big shout out to the boys' stepmom, who selflessly subjects herself to the rancid smell and washes the dirty bag contents when the boys are not at my house! She's also a major part of their cheering section during the season.

There are folks out there who have the equipment to professionally clean the heavy pads and gear, such as GearClean, based in Winchester, Va.

I've been on several tours of my beloved Caps' locker room and somehow it seems that those large men don't smell up the locker room half as bad as some of the youth locker rooms I've been in. If anyone knows the "secret of their fresh as a daisy locker room scent", please pass it on to Hockey Mom ASAP!


Juicebox Mom said...

Eeewww, hockey is the worst for stink isn't it? Even before they go thru puberty the hockey boys manage to smell like grown men after just an hour or two on the rink...My only tips are what you are already doing; also if you can manage it, have 2 of everything so one can be washing or airing out while they other is being worn. That's pretty expensive though with hockey equipment (not to mention twins). Good Luck

HockeyMom said...

Thanks Juice Box mom - wish us luck!


GoalieMom said...

This hockey mom can speak from experience when endorsing Gearclean. Not only is the owner a great guy (he plays adult league hockey with my hubby), but it works! My squirt is a goalie, so more equipment to stink up. We've had it cleaned several times. And it'll keep hubby's stench at bay for quite awhile, too... good stuff!

Butch said...

I bought this cool device for transporting that stinky bag at http://www.skunktrunk.com -- we had the bag in the Tahoe for the entire weekend in LA over Labor Day in the heat and it kept the car from reeking. FYI.