Sunday, August 24, 2008

An HM Toast to All You Female Hockey Bloggers...

Hockey Mom wants to propose a toast to all of the fabulous, hard-working and enthusiastic female hockey bloggers out there who are spreading the puck love among avid fans and the hockey uninitiated alike! I got a great shout out today from Ted Leonsis, the Washington Capitals' fan-tabulous owner (also known as "Uncle Ted" by legions of the Caps' faithful) - thanks Uncle Ted!

He also mentioned another favorite Cap's gal blogger pal of mine, Love The Game, Don't Like Puck Bunnies. This hockey goddess has scored some phenomenal interviews lately, including the most recent with Ted Leonsis himself. And of course there's also DC Sports Chick contributing her insight on Capitals hockey with the On Frozen Blog gang and one of the Cap's best female voices, Caps Chick providing her View From the Cheap Seats.

It's so exciting to see women succeeding in building momentum and recruiting new fans to this great game, all from the unique female perspective. You can be a "girl's girl" and still possess a wealth of knowledge about hockey, which has historically been covered by the "boy's club." Keep up the great work ladies - the season is just around the corner and I hope to see you all at Kettler during training camp!


DCSportsChick said...

Thanks, Hockey Mom! You rock!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout HM. You deserve a toast, too, for having an incredible blog and for being an amazing hockey mom. See you in the press box! ;)