Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hockey Mom Fist Bumps To....

Ted Leonsis and Caps Chick for being mentioned in the list of top blogs by USA Hockey magazine. As you all know, Ted's Take is the blog of Ted Leonsis, the Caps' fearless and fabulous owner. He keeps fans in the loop on all things Capitals and really listens to the feedback he gets from fans on his blog! Caps Chick pens A View From The Cheap Seats, which recently featured a poll of which Washington Capital possesses the best posterior. Besides being totally fun and informative, this chick knows her hockey! So congrats to both....and thanks for keeping us hockey-starved fans up to date on the latest and greatest!

HM was disappointed to see some of my favorite blogs left off of this list. For Cap's fans, On Frozen Blog, Japer's Rink and Peerless Procrastinator are always must-reads. And where is my Puck Daddy? For an amusing "Jon Stewart-like" version of the latest hockey news and happenings, Puck Daddy totally rocks - he gets the Hockey Mom seal of approval (and complimentary fist bump) any day!

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Dan, Jr. said...

Love the Game, Don't Like Puck Bunnies has made it onto Ted Leonsis sports blog list. Apparently she just had to ask. Now I ask ... Can Musings of a Hockey Mom be far behind?